Thursday, January 19, 2012

Review: Bike Glow

A little about Bike Glow taken from their website:

BikeGlow™ Safety Light

The BikeGlow™ Safety Light provides 360 degree biking visibility. Running on 2-AA batteries, the BikeGlow™ frame light is a 10' waterproof light tube that securely attaches to your bike's frame. It features three lighting modes: Steady, Slow Flash, Fast Flash. So whether cars are behind you, in front of you, or coming from the side, you remain highly visible and much safer!
"Glow is Gear!"

About Us

The BikeGlow™ Safety Light was the brainstorm of cycling enthusiasts in the bicycling mecca of Santa Cruz, CA. They saw the need for bikes to be lit up, especially from the side, during darker hours. The world needs bikes lit up at night! In 2008 the 2-AA battery (Original) BikeGlow™ Safety Light was put into production, and the biking community immediately saw the value in these brilliant lighting tools.
Today, the frame light is available in eight colors with flashing modes. Quickly becoming standard bike gear, the BikeGlow™ Safety Lights are an indispensable tool for cycling enthusiasts and the safety-minded.
Headlight, check. Tail light, check. Frame light, check. Helmet, check. Read More:

The Truth's Thoughts:
The Bike Glow is a really cool idea, wish I had something like that when I was little because I use to love to ride my bike at night time. I really don't let my son ride that much at night but he still thinks it makes his big look really cool. He was very shocked that his bike could like up with I put the lights on his bike and turned them on. The lights are very easy to put on and make the bike very easy for you to see at night. After I put the lights on I let him take his bike out just to see if I could see him riding around and it worked. Now if he really wants to ride at night I will be able to sit out side and see him riding around. I know it could be hard to picture what the lights look like so I will put some photos on here to show you the different things you can do with the lights.

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