Friday, September 28, 2012

Review: Five Finger Tees

 Here is a little bit about Five Finger Tees taken from their website. opened in July, 2009 and is completely family owned and operated. We offer a wide variety of movie/TV, pop-culture inspired and down right funny t-shirts for only $9.99! Our philosophy is simple, we do all the work! From customer service, designing, printing, photography, shipping, web site design, and trying to watch our kids at the same time! By doing this, we keep our overhead really low which gives you the customer a great deal, without having to sacrifice on quality.

We take tremendous pride in our work and your satisfaction is our top priority. If there is anything you would like to say or ask please feel free to contact us anytime, we would love to hear from you.
Truth's thoughts;
I was giving the chance to review a shirt from Five Finger Tees, they were nice to send me a shirt. I received the Samcro t-shirt (as show in the picture) which you can buy for your self for just $9.99.  I really liked this shirt it fit real well.The material is soft and comfortable.Five Finger Tees is known for their funny sayings on their t-shirts.They also have t-shirts from different tv shows. But who am I to tell you what you may like, I will just show you a few of the shirts that show what I am talking about:

Hello Zombie

Stop Staring At My Pumpkins

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this post. I was provided a sample of each product for my review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own. Photobucket

Review: Rocky Mountain Popcorn

OMG!!!! I was so happy when I got the chance to review Rocky Mountain Popcorn because I had done ate some that I brought down the road at the gas station. There sent me a box of like 14 bags of popcorn and boy was I in popcorn heaven. I love to eat popcorn because for me it is the perfect snack for me. I am a very busy mom with two boys and I am starting up my own business so Rocky Mountain Popcorn is a very quick snack that I can just pick and go. My kids also feel in love with Rocky Mountain Popcorn. Their favorite was the Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn. 

Real. Honest. Popcorn!
Rocky Mountain Popcorn Company started over 20 years ago in the eastern foothills of the great Rocky Mountains near Denver, CO. Long known, and much admired, as a great local product, the company grew by reputation until 2007, when it exploded onto the national scene, bringing the bold taste of the Rockies to a nation hungry for wholesome snacks.
When people ask us how popcorn can be real or honest, we say "Glad you asked!” Rocky Mountain Popcorn is real: it’s light, fresh, crisp and big... just like the mountains themselves. We find the biggest, moistest kernels we can, and only hot-air pop them. Rocky Mountain Popcorn is honest: it’s delicately coated with natural flavors, not smothered with pretentious-sounding hoo-ha. You won’t find corn syrup or partially hydrogenated anything in Rocky Mountain Popcorn.

Eat just one handful, and you'll remember what popcorn is supposed to be.

Be sure to pop open our NEW blog and visit our Facebook fan page for special promotions!

Here is a list of the flavors they offer:

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this post. I was provided a sample of each product for my review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own. Photobucket

Review & Giveaway: The BlankZ

My friend daughter went nuts when I give her a solid white rabbit and told her she could draw all over it with the markets in the box. She took it right to her mom and said "look mommy, Cynthia got me this to color." And of course like all parents she had questions. So, I told her all about it. That her daughter would be able to color it and then she would have to wash it. After the rabbit was clean it would start all over again. I really thought she was going to choke me. But my niece made it all better because she was so happy to have a new toy. A few days later her mom called me and said that she has done washed that rabbit like 10 time in the past two days. Blankz is a really good gift for any little girl.

blankZ® Bare Hare Set

$14.99 USD
blankZ are the most creative plush toys ever because YOU do the designs!
You color your blankZ any way you want. Then you can wash and dry your blankZ with your regular laundry and then color it again and again.
Each blankZ set includes: 1 blankZ plush toy, 5 blankZ colored markers, 1 blankZdrop (back drop) card.

The blankZ are the most creative plush toys ever because YOU do the designs, plus you can wash/dry and design again!
Bring out the creative in everyone!
Company Overview
From: Always Been Creative, Inc.
The most innovative and creative toy to hit the market in years! Color and keep. Or wash and color again. The design is yours.
General Information
3 dimensional canvas for you to create your own unique style!

Review: The CarrieAll

The Carrie All is a really neat bag that you can put all you important thing in. I use mine for all my bath room needs like shaving gel, razors, etc. I use it for that to keep my kids out of all my stuff. They think it is funny to spray my shaving gel all over my bath room. But since I been keeping it in my Carrie All they have not been able to fine it. One side is for all my stuff and the other side is for my husband stuff. It also saved us a lot of room when we travel because I don't have to have one bag for all his stuff and one for mine. Now all of our stuff fits into the same bag.

A little bit about The Carrie All taken from their website:
  11 W x 8 ¼ H x 3 ¾ D
  • Holds 20 or more items
  • Comes with 6 month supply of tabs for new medications
  • Water resistant & durable
  • Lays flat when open
  • Two way zipper
  • Call about monogram options

This all started as I watched my Mama try to deal with her eighteen medications every day. She kept them in a clear plastic travel kit of sorts. She would look into the bag, searching for the right med, at the right time. Trips to her various doctors' offices were another ordeal. People could see that she was carrying medicine which wasn't safe!  There were many people in the doctor's waiting rooms in the same predicament. Most carried their medications in plastic grocery bags. The nurses had to fish through all the medications, handling each one, noting the name and dosage.
As many great ideas, this one came from knowing there must be a better way.

Soon TheCarrieAll was born! I showed Mama my solution and she was thrilled. As she used TheCarrieAll, she told me time and time again, how much easier and less stressful handling her daily medications had become. Every nurse and doctor to whom she showed TheCarrieAll loved the idea and ease of use in charting her medications; many asked where they could get one!

We care about people, the earth, education and animals. That's why some of the profit from each bag goes to charity.

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this post. I was provided a sample of each product for my review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own. Photobucket

52 Week Capture Challenge

Hi, my name is Cynthia Horne and I am the mother two wonderful little boys. I just got married in 2011 on Halloween.


Monday, September 17, 2012

EdenFantasys: Degree in Sexy

****Warning this post has content that meant for young eyes. The links and content of this post is for adults 18 & over. Please do not read or click on any of the content if you are not comfortable with this type of content.*****

Well it is has been a great back to school season and EdenFantasys has their own way of celebrating back to school. The more you buy the better your degree will be in. You get to start out with a Associates Degree in Sexy just  by buying something you will get 15% off. As you work your way up, you will get a better degree. By $50 wroth of stuff and get your Bachelors in Sexy. Orders that are $100 or more you will have your Maters in Sexy and finally if you order $150 or more you will have PhD in Sexy.

This offer Expires September 21.

Here are a few of my favorite things on EdenFantasys:

Oral sex candy spray – lubricant

Oral Sex Candy Spray by Zero Tolerance is a nifty little product aimed at adding some flavor to your oral fun. Make all your parts, from head to toe, taste like candy.
— Jobthingy

I was really never in to anything like but my husband and I wanted to spice things up in the bed room.  I picked to get some Oral Candy Spray because it makes that oral so much more easy and enjoyable because it really changes the taste . I have the strawberry flavor and it reminds me of a strawberry lollipop.

Select Flavor:
  • RaspberryIn stock
  • CherryIn stock
  • WatermelonIn stock
  • StrawberryOut of stock  
Our Price:$9.99

Bubbles and shower gel – bath and shower gel

The Stuff that Cupid dips his arrows in had by far been my favorite fragrance in the Not Soap Radio. The smell it great and leaves my body feeling great.

Select Fragrance:
  • Bubbles, not carbsIn stock
  • Awash in a field of four-leaf cloverIn stock
  • Liquid FreudIn stock
  • The Stuff that Cupid dips his arrows inOut of stock  
  • To sleep full of sweet dreamsOut of stock  
  • The PhoenixOut of stock  
Our Price:$14.99

Here are just two of the wonderful, products that you can order to help you earn your Degree in Sexy. So head on over to EdenFantasys and enter EU.