Saturday, November 5, 2011

Review: Panty By Post

Taken From Panty By Post website:
What is Panty by Post?
Panty by Post is an online subscription service based in Vancouver, BC to send a pretty panty in the mail
monthly. We bring back the nostalgia of receiving a wonderful surprise in the mail!
What are the Company Origins?
The founder, Natalie Grunberg, has had a lifetime appreciation of all things French. Natalie spends the
best part of her summers in France, and lived in Quebec for two years. She has watched and admired
French women of all shapes and sizes, how confident and well put together they are, and the care they
take in selecting and wearing their pretty lingerie. The Panty by Post concept took shape to provide
women worldwide with French panties of superior quality and comfort, an excellent price point and a
fast and easy online order process. Panty by Post adds the element of a wonderful surprise every time a
panty is delivered by the local postman in a beautiful package; a delightful experience that people want to
have over and over again, whether they order for themselves, or as a gift.
Our panties rival retail stores in price ($16 CAD per panty with a Commitment package to $25 CAD
for a one time Something Blue bridal linergie order), plus every panty includes pretty packaging, a note
and delivery by post. This unrivaled service, and the quality and durability of our brands is what drives
repeat customers and referrals. We have tested Blush panties for durability over many laundry washes,
sporting activities and the dryer.
501-1068 W. Broadway • Vancouver, BC • V6H 0A7 • T. 604 307 9642 •
The Truth Thoughts
The panty are very comfortable, I really can't even tell I have any on. I love the way they fit around my legs so as not to slip down or anything. My husband really like as we just got married and he said it was great way to end the day. The ones I got as just as the ones in the photo above. They are white lacey with blue ribbon here and there all over the panties. These are the only panty I have ever gotten that actually fit really good and do not move. I always have trouble with my underwear slipping down but with these panty I have not had they trouble and for that I am in love with them so to say.

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