Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas to All my Followers

Friday, December 23, 2011

Review & Giveaway (US only): Crunchy N Yummy

A little about Crunchy n Yummy taken from their site:

Crunchy N Yummy™ freeze-dried fruits taste great,  contain many natural vitamins, and are the perfect daily serving of flavor and nutrition.

Crunchy N Yummy™ fruits are naturally freeze-dried at their peak of flavor. Our freeze-dried fruits retain all of their color, flavor, and nutritional value.  Crunchy N Yummy™ is processed at a facility that does not manufacture any products containing nuts, dairy, soy or wheat. Crunchy N Yummy™ does not contain preservatives, salt, sweeteners or gluten. Crunchy N Yummy™ is 100% natural fruit, 100% natural taste, and are very low in calories.

At Crunchy N Yummy™, we believe in upholding a social responsibility to our consumers, farmers, and the environment. That is why we use only the highest quality organic fruits sourced from local farmers in South America and regionally packaged.  Also, the water that is removed from our fruits in the freeze-dry process is returned to our farmers for growing the next generation of delicious, fresh, and juicy fruit.

Crunchy N Yummy™ is easy to store, carry, and serve plus a nutritiously guaranteed way to provide your loved ones with a daily dose of healthy, natural fruit.

Crunchy N Yummy™ is a healthy natural snack, made from ripe fresh fruit at the peak of sweet juicy taste.

The Truth's Thoughts:
I have tried other freeze-dry snacks but to me nothing compares to the Crunchy N Yummy. My kids loved then and ate then faster then I have seen them eat anything else. I love to get healthy snacks for my kids and watch the faces they make it is so funny. My husband also took a few bags to work with him and they loved them. He said that they where all asking him where he got them from. So I am so he would love to buy some more for the kids.

 Giveaway coming soon.

Review: Flat Iron Experts - Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron

A little about Flat Iron Experts Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron taken from their site:
The Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron is rated #2 on our Best Curling Iron list for one reason alone and it is the price. If price wasn't a factor, this curling iron will for sure be the #1 choice. The Babyliss Tourmaline Ceramic Curling iron emits negative ions and far-infrared heat that brings a number of additional benefits to your hair:

1. Eliminates static electricity                                      3. Neutralize odors
2. Preserve more moisture within the hair shaft              4. Causes less damage to the hair cuticle

From our expertise and customer reviews, most people are saying that tourmaline curling irons gives longer lasting curls compared to the non Tourmaline or Ceramic Hot Tools curling irons and other drugstore brands. The Babyliss curling iron comes with 40 adjustable heats setting up to a scorching 428 F perfect for all hair types. Two other great benefit of choosing this curling iron is the 2 year warranty and the fact that this curling iron is Dual Voltage, meaning you can use this curling iron any where around the world while you travel. If you want a curling iron that is up to date and wouldn't mind paying a bit extra. This would be your choice. Flat Iron Experts recommend the Babyliss Tourmaline Curling Irons with 100% Confidence.  

The Truth's Thought:
I really love my curling iron. It is very easy to control and handle, and also comes with a very neat stand for you put it in when you are done with a curl and getting ready to do the next one. For me it is hard to explain how well it worked on my friend's hair, who was nice enough to let me do her hair. I think with this product that the pictures speak better then words itself. So here is the before and after pictures of her hair.



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Christmas Pictures of My Boys

Review & Giveaway: Cowgirl Chocolates

A few facts about Cowgirl Chocolates taken from the website:

Cowgirl Chocolates was founded by head Cowgirl Marilyn Lysohir in
1997. Her two favorite things in the world are art (she has a notable
career as a ceramic sculptor) and chocolate.
Cowgirl Chocolates…chocolates with a spicy cowgirl kick. She was the
pioneer, one of the first companies to offer spicy chocolates in the
The Truth's Thoughts:

Have you ever tasted chocolate that has a “kick” to it? Have you ever tasted chocolate that is hot and I mean hot like spicy hot? I received a sampling of Cowgirl Chocolates and I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a spicy chocolate.But very much to my surprise, it was very delicious! It definitely had the “WOW” factor to it that I truly did not think was going to be there. I was one of the people like that is sitting there saying you can't mix spicy with chocolate there just is no way. I have never tasted anything like it. If you are feeling a little adventurous and can handle/love spicy foods Cowgirl Chocolates is definitely the chocolate for you. Everyone that I got to taste the chocolates where like WOW it was really good. I asked then was it what they thought it was going to be when I told them what kind of candy it was and they all said no. Some said they thought it was going to gross and they fell in love the spicy chocolate.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Review & Giveaway: Peter Pauper - WHAT'S COOKING? MY RECIPE ORGANIZER

A little about Peter Pauper Press taken from their website:
PETER PAUPER PRESS, founded in 1928, is one of America’s leading publishers of fine gift books, humor books, compact references, travel guides, unique journals, quality stationery, holiday cards, and innovative children’s activity books. We publish approximately 100 books and ancillary products per year.

Some of their products included:
  • Little Black Books. Hip little reference books on popular topics, from Barbecue and Beer to Casino Games, Cocktails, and Coffee to Sex, Sushi, and Wine.
  • Little Black Travel Books. Compact guides to top destinations with insider tips and foldout neighborhood maps. Available now: London, New York, Paris, Rome, San Francisco, and Washington, DC. Coming soon: Boston and Walt Disney World.
  • Our Little Pink Books are sophisticated guides to Elegance, Entertaining, Weddings, and more.
The Truth's Thought:
I was sent the What's Cooking? My Recipe Organizer and I love it. When I was a little girl I can remember helping my Grandmother put recipes in my Grandmother's book. She had all kinds that where from her mom. I hope to one day have that recipe book so until then I have started my own. I have always wanted to have a recipe book of my very own to past down to one of my kids. I love the way this book is laid out. It is very organized with different sections for each type of dish you want to make. I am always looking for new things to cook because I love to be in the kitchen. So, if you are mom or just a woman that wants a real organized recipe book then head over to Peter Pauper and check out the What's Cooking? My Recipe Organizer.
 Hail to the chef who keeps her recipes in this peachy new organizer! "What's Cooking?" is a sturdy 3-ring loose-leaf binder that covers 9 different culinary categories. The organizer includes: 8 tabbed page dividers; durable pocket folders for storing recipes; food articles; take-out menus; and more. 14 sheet protectors allow you to display recipe clippings of various sizes. 140 pages in which to record your own favorite recipes. Cooking hints, reference charts, tasty tips. 10-1/2'' wide x 11-1/2'' high x 1-7/8'' deep. 

Review & Giveaway: JamBerry Nails

A little about JamBerry Nails taken from their website:
Jamberry Nails started with three sisters. 

We created Jamberry Nails to provide a simple way to brighten your day.  We constantly get letters and feedback from customers letting us know how much they love the product and how many compliments they get day after day. We know you'll love the product too and feel great wearing your Nail Shields.
You'll also love Jamberry Nails because of how easily they can be applied and how many different looks you can acheive by mixing and matching. Our Nail Shields will give you that high-end salon look in the convenience of your own home.

The Truth's Thoughts:

Jamberry Nails are sheets of nail colors and designs, that you just apply to your nails. There is a design for everyone no matter the age and great for every occasion. With Christmas this Sunday I think Jamberry Nails would be great stocking stuffers for the ladies in your life. This would be something they would never see coming in their stockings. They're affordable too; $15 per sheet. Each sheet can either 2 hands or 2 feet, so it is great if  you want to get a mani and a pedi with the same design. They last for a couple of weeks, the better applied the long they last. I of course chose the pink camo because I love pink, but it was very hard to chose just one design as they are all great. As you see above is  what a sheet looks like and on both sides to your left and right you can see what they look like on my friends hands. They come out looking very clean and crisp. Here are a few of the other designs you can get:
 So there is just a few of the many they have to chose from. So, if you have a lady in your life that you want to give something good to for Christmas or you just want to do your nails with out all the mess, then head over to JamBerry Nails.