Saturday, March 31, 2012

Review: Pure Romance Body Dew

The Truth's Thoughts:
I was giving the chance to review the Pure Romance Body Dew, which is an after bath oil body mist.
 It gives you body a real smooth touch to it when you use it. I apply after I take a bath and shave, my husband loves the way it makes my legs feel. And the one things I love the most about my body dew is how great it makes my tattoos look on my legs. They seem to have the night crisp pop they did when I first got them done. I am so glad that I have my body dew for summer because I am going to live it up. I know people every where I go are going to ask me what I am putting on my legs to make then look so smooth and shiny. I just can't wait to share this product with everyone I met. Pure Romance has several different things you can order from them. You can also become an consultant and sell Pure Romance your self. You get to host parties and get products to try. It sound like something that would be a lot of fun. You will get to do something that you can enjoy and make money at the same time. Here is a little bit about becoming a consultant.

Think about the woman you are. Now think about the woman you want to become. Maybe you want to live without student loans, credit card debt, mortgage payments, or medical bills. Maybe you dream of having something that’s yours: your own paycheck, your own schedule, your own business. Maybe you need to break free from the instability of Corporate America and step toward a promising future. If you are a woman ready for a change, ready to start making the money you deserve, ready to enjoy the freedom of a flexible schedule—the time is now!


Your journey toward a new lifestyle begins with this first step! Learn more about becoming a Consultant today! Fill out the form here and your local Consultant will contact you with further information.

Here is a little bit about Hosting A Party:
We’ve been putting the “fun” in birthdays, bachelorette parties, and girls’ nights out since people knew us as Fun Parties, but now that we’re Pure Romance those special occasions have become laugh-out-loud unforgettable! Call your girlfriends and let them know it’s time for a long overdue girls’ night in.
So go ahead and make that guest list a long one—when you host a party with Pure Romance, you earn a free hostess gift plus 10% of the party's sales toward the products you love! And the best part is, the fun is paired with the best sexual health information out there, because your Pure Romance Consultant has been trained by experts!

For the party, you have several different themes to chose from. You can get a party started for just about any special night for you or your girls. Just go wild and have great night that is all about the girls. Who care what they guys do, make one night all about you and your girls.   
You can have fun by just having a Girl's Night In!
Or give the birthday girl something to talk about years from now.

Your Pure Romance party starts here!

Make your next Girls’ Night one all your friends will wish they’d thought of! Our knowledgeable Consultants are here to help you book your party and you’ll receive FREE gifts just for hosting the event!

 Here is a little bit about the Body Dew taking from the Pure Romance website:

Body Dew

Body Dew Moisturizer keeps even the driest skin happily hydrated and feeling years younger! This gentle moisturizer is infused with beneficial carnation oil; a spritz after each shower will keep your skin feeling softer than ever. Spray your legs with Body Dew Moisturizer before going out for extra sexy shine. Makes tattoos look great, too! 7 fl. oz. / 210 ml.
Spray on skin after a bath or shower.
Wonderful, light, and refreshing scents. Aids in the reduction of peeling from excessive exposure to the sun. Contains carnation oil, which can replenish moisture to your skin.
  • List Price: $16.00

Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this post. I was provided a sample of each product for my review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own. Photobucket

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