Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Review & Giveaway: Hip-Hop Bling

Just recently I had the pleasure of reviewing HipHopBling.com jewelryHipHopBling.com is a wholesale and retail jewelry company that offers quality in style Hip Hop jewelry. HipHopBling.com focuses on the quality and value of their products. They are also the only site on the internet that uses solid metal and brass cores on all of their jewelry, giving your piece the look but most importantly the feel of fine jewelry! With this company your getting high quality diamond simulates that have a high sparkle just like the real diamonds set in a clean, crisp manner. If your looking to buy a higher quality piece just shop their VIP and premium jewelry collection made from real genuine cubic zirconium or CZ crystals which have many similar properties of a real diamond. You can also buy real diamond jewelry form HipHopBling.com. For those of you that need to wear the big deal, they  can still keep you shinning for less even with real diamonds. By using smaller diamonds in your piece and .925 Sterling Silver and 316 L Stainless Steel. Since HipHopBling.com wants to remain your loyal hip hop jeweler they will continue to expand their genuine diamond line in hopes to have you stick with them when you make it big.

I was send a very nice Custom Baguette Cross White CZ on Black. As soon as I seen the cross, I had one of them "WOW" moments because I was really liked the way it looked. Every where I went people asked me about it and where I got it from.  HipHopBling.com doesn't half step nothing! When you see the bling coming off this piece it’s impossible not to notice whose wearing it. You can see this piece in the photo above. The whole piece is strong and durable and no sharp edges. You can buy this for 
Retail Price$69.00
Our Price$29.95
You Save$39.05 (57%)

A little bit about Hip Hop Bling taken from their website:

Hip Hop Bling History

Hip Hop Bling is a jewelry wholesaler and retailer with tremendous experience and knowledge of the hip hop jewelry segment. Our company has been around for over a decade offering the finest products to consumers and hip hop related retailers across the globe. We have grown from a small room during the 90s to a full blown 3000sqft warehouse in Columbia MD shipping hundreds of orders each day, with satellite offices and affiliates throughout the US. Our mission is simple and we stand by it each and every day.

Mission: Find the best jewelry in the world and sell it at the lowest prices possible without compromising service.
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Here is some of the jewelry that I love:

Praying Hands Bling Bling Black Rosary
Retail Price$69.00
Our Price$9.95
You Save$59.05 (86%)

Retail Price$99.00
Our Price$12.95
You Save$86.05 (87%)

a Rafflecopter giveaway Disclaimer: No compensation was received for this post. I was provided a sample of each product for my review purposes only. All opinions are 100% my own. Photobucket


  1. The jewelry community is starting to take notice to the rising demand for hip hop jewelry. This jewelry was made popular by various rap stars and celebrities alike. Now anyone can afford their own piece of iced out jewelry as many retailers are offering large selections at very honest prices.

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  2. This is the main reason why I never purchase plated jewelry. Plated jewelry whether it be hip hop jewelry or any fashion jewelry has a life expectancy of the plating. Once it wears off you mis well throw it in the trash, cause its going to turn your skin green.