Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Photography: Wedding

              On Oct. 1, 2011, I got to do my first big photo shoot and thought I would share with my reader how much fun it. I am very thankful to the newly wed couple for taking a chance on me, a up and coming photographer. I have not done but a few photo session but they believed in me. So, I took on the wedding and learned a lot about photography while shoot all the photos. By the end of the wedding I ended up taking over 500 photos are the wedding. Some where good and some where not all that good.
               The day started with me taking a few photos are both parties got ready for the big day. I took random shot of the bride and her brides maids getting ready ( as u can see in photo to the left). Spending time with bride was great because it helped me to get to know her and get a little taste of how she was feeling at the time. She couldn't wait for the time to past so she could walk down  to the alter to met her husband to be.
                 After spending a little bit of time with the bride and her party I felt it was time to head up and caught the groom. I went and talked to both the groom and the best men. I took a few picture of them as they waited for the time to come. You could tell the groom was very ready to see his bride for the first time, as they had not seen each other since the night before. They groom and groom's men talked and joked around to help past time. So, as the time grew near I headed out to take my place close to the alter so I could get every moment on film.
             It started off with their grandparents coming out first. Then was followed by the brides step mom. After the grandparents had taken their sits, the bride's mom made her way to the alter to light the first candle, as did the groom's mom. After the mom's were in their sits, the brides maids made their way to the alter to await the bride. The bride's maids where followed by the ring boy and flower girl. After the flower girl took her place, we heard the door shut. Then over the speakers you could hear the song we all know well at weddings start to play. The doors open and the bride made her way down to the alter to start her new life with her husband. The photo to the right show a few highlights through out the wedding.

             The wedding was very beautiful and I am very happy for the bride and groom. They looked very happy standing next to each other. This shoot will be one I will never forget, for the simple fact they took a chance on a new photographer that really had no clue what she was doing. I send them all the love in the world as they start this new chapter in their lives and hope I get to capture more of their best moments as they move on in life. Congrats to Mr. & Mrs. Christopher York. To check out more photos from their wedding head over to my facebook page. http://www.facebook.com/ColorfulMemoriesStudio

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