Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Review & Giveaway: We Cover Your Head

"Totally Non-Slip, Always the Perfect Fit!!!"
Punkeelove Headbands will not slip a centimeter on your head. The non slip material is found on all our headbands. They will always be the perfect fit since they are totally adjustable. They fit a five year old girl to a 90 year old man and everyone in-between. No more headband headache! We have so many styles to choose from and you can even design your own! Add embroidery for a small fee to personalize it for yourself or a team.

The Truth
These head bands are very stylish and fit on your head very well and comfortable. I let my friend's little girl that lives next door and she loved it. As soon as she seen the head band she wanted it on. She looked so cute in her Don't Mess With Diva head band. Don't she look so cute all snuggled up to her mommy wearing her We Cover Your Head band. 
The bands have an adjustable strip (like you find on child's pants now a day) that can be moved around to fit any size head. It has a very stylish button the strip will attach to. This bands are great for any girl doing any type of sports like basketball, baseball, track and field, ect. The possibles with these head bands is endless. So if your daughter don't like her hair in her face for any reason try one We Cover Your Head band and she will fall in love, I know this little girl to the right did.

Don't forget to visit their website and check out all the wonderful bands they have to chose from. New designs are added all the time and you can even order a custom hand band, so that why it will be just the way you like it. Please visit their Facebook page.

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