Monday, December 14, 2015


Your words broke my heart in two
They took my heart like a bet
Because with all the things
That we have went through
I have so many regrets.
To lose our love was it worth it
Although at time
I may seem unsure
You loved seemed to make me happy
But yet I felt so insecure.
We always said it was forever
And it would never be a good-bye
I always said that we could
Make to the end of every mile
That I would never give up on us
But this time my heart couldn’t mend.
All this hurts it seems to cut me deep
But I wonder did it hurt you
After everything was said and done
You still only told me lies
So I had to say that we were through.
I gave you all I had
And I tried to make you see
I wanted our love to last
But memories are all that left
Of all the time we had in the past.
Now it’s my time to shine
I’m moving on without you
With all the pain and hurt
That kills me slowly inside
I’m trying to forget our life
And it gets easier day by day
All I have to do it remind myself
That our love was nothing but a lie.


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