Monday, December 12, 2011

Review: Roots Only

Some facts about Roots Only taken from their website:
“Whenever it came time to do my roots, I thought, there has to be a simpler way,” says Bonnie. So, Bonnie decided to try to make the process easier. She asked her husband, Claude to help. “I asked him to build a hair pick with hollow teeth that would screw onto a hair color bottle so I could comb it through my hair.” After a little coaxing, the first prototype was born.
Claude used plastic hair color bottles, capped the top and drilled a dozen small holes down the side of the bottle. He cut the straws from WD-40 cans to comb size length and glued them in place. “I can’t begin to tell you my excitement when I tried it out for the first time. It worked just as I imagined,” Bonnie exclaims.
After selling her product at county fairs, Bonnie decided to expand her operation. In 2000, she met with Rodney Colyott, a Wal-Mart manager in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., and a year later, Roots Only was placed in seven California stores through the Local Purchase Program. It was not long after that Roots Only was expanded to a lager region in Southern California covering 35 Wal-Mart stores. But in 2002, Bonnie and her family headed to Bentonville, AR, to meet with the category buyer. After their trip, the product was being sold at 1,000 Wal-Mart stores.
Roots Only is currently manufactured, packaged and distributed in California. “We believe it is important to contribute to our community by keeping manufacturing and assembly jobs right here in our local communities,” says Bonnie. Today, the Roots Only hair coloring applicator comb sells nation-wide in beauty supply stores and over 3,700 Wal-Mart stores across the USA.

The Truth's Thoughts:

I am always dying my hair over and over just to get my roots done but not no more since I have discovered the Roots Only. Now I can dye just my roots with out doing the rest of my hair. I hated the fact that when I would just have to redye my whole head and my roots would be a different color then the rest of my hair. Not no more thanks to Roots Only. I use Root Only ever time I need just a touch up and it works great. I just get my dye and mix it together and put it in the bottle. The comb will do the rest as I apply the dye to my hair.


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