Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review & Giveaway: Lavender Cachet

Some facts about Lavender Cachet from their website:


Lavender Cachet is located in the city of Grand Junction, Colorado, in the high desert and Rocky Mountain foothills region known as the state's Western Slope. The idea for our business came from the strong and expanding interest in lavender in and around the Grand Valley, where the local farmers have come to discover soil conditions here to be favorable to cultivating several varieties of the lavender plant. An increasing number of producers here are turning to this attractive crop and building strong followings, beginning with local farmers' markets and developing outward.
woman holding lavender
Our interest is further heightened when we look at the deep and exotic histories of lavender. Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans all knew of lavender's calming and soothing qualities, and the knowledge of its legendary powers did not end there. Lavender comforted and calmed its way through the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Victorian Era. It's done the same in modern times throughout the world. Lavender is now cultivated and exported throughout Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim and North America. People all over the world have loved lavender for centuries and centuries.
The Truth's Thoughts:
Lavender Cachet sent us here at The Klauer Review a very special set that I  got to help make.

In my set I chose:

  • Rose-hip and Lavender massage oil -  I wanted to get something that had all the soothing properties of the Lavender but didn't react with my skin.  With the Rose-hip the oil dries quickly on my skin and is not greasy while leaving the wonderful Lavender scent people love and adore.  I put on the oil on my shoulders and neck at night after a nice hot shower. The smell always over takes me and relaxes me from the long day of stress from dealing with kids
  • Lavender and Chamomile powder- a wonderful powder treat to put on after a shower and moisturizing.  It leaves the skin feeling silky.
  • Ivory Embroidered Sheer Organza sachet- This I actually hung from my mirror in my bathroom. It has my whole bathroom smelling good everyday. I love the smell it lets off and it only lets off enough to cover order. It is not to strong.

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