Monday, December 19, 2011

Review & Giveaway: JamBerry Nails

A little about JamBerry Nails taken from their website:
Jamberry Nails started with three sisters. 

We created Jamberry Nails to provide a simple way to brighten your day.  We constantly get letters and feedback from customers letting us know how much they love the product and how many compliments they get day after day. We know you'll love the product too and feel great wearing your Nail Shields.
You'll also love Jamberry Nails because of how easily they can be applied and how many different looks you can acheive by mixing and matching. Our Nail Shields will give you that high-end salon look in the convenience of your own home.

The Truth's Thoughts:

Jamberry Nails are sheets of nail colors and designs, that you just apply to your nails. There is a design for everyone no matter the age and great for every occasion. With Christmas this Sunday I think Jamberry Nails would be great stocking stuffers for the ladies in your life. This would be something they would never see coming in their stockings. They're affordable too; $15 per sheet. Each sheet can either 2 hands or 2 feet, so it is great if  you want to get a mani and a pedi with the same design. They last for a couple of weeks, the better applied the long they last. I of course chose the pink camo because I love pink, but it was very hard to chose just one design as they are all great. As you see above is  what a sheet looks like and on both sides to your left and right you can see what they look like on my friends hands. They come out looking very clean and crisp. Here are a few of the other designs you can get:
 So there is just a few of the many they have to chose from. So, if you have a lady in your life that you want to give something good to for Christmas or you just want to do your nails with out all the mess, then head over to JamBerry Nails.

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