Sunday, December 11, 2011

Review: Bring It Up

Some facts about Bring It Up from their website:

Instant Breast Lifts - Cup Sizes A-D
Includes 8 pairs of Breast Lifts. Bring It Up Instant Breast Lifts enhances your body image. These breast lifts will provide full support, without a bra, up to size D cup. Great with swimsuits, backless and strapless fashions. 
Instant Breast Lifts - Cup Size D and Larger
Includes 3 pairs of Size D and Larger Breast Lifts. Designed for women over a size D cup to give added lift and support when worn with a bra. Great for assisting with bras made for strapless or backless fashions.
Both size Breast Lifts are a transparent, waterproof, hypoallergenic adhesive unlike any other breast lift ever seen before. Bring It Up Lifts are applied to the top of the breast, not underneath, lifting the loose skin and repositioning the nipple to a higher place for a more natural, youthful appearance. Wear a strapless bra with confidence. Remove excess weight from the shoulders.
Click on the ENDLESS LIFT tab to receive one pack now and one pack every 30 days. MEMBERS save an additional 20%.  Sign up for savings now!
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  • Sweeten or spice up your next beach, pool, or boating experience.
  • Flirtatiously wear with any sexy outfit.
  • Great to spice up a date night
  • Fun to wear to night clubs
  • Sexy accessory for all costumes, not just for halloween
  • Bra replacement for bridal gown, super low cut and sheer tops 
  • Waterproof, they stay on effortlessly
Choose from 
  • Lavender with Coconut Scent and Purple writing - "TEXT ME"
  • Pink with Strawberry Scent and Pink writing - "LOVE YOU"
  • White with Rose Scent and Blue writing - " JUST MARRIED"

One Pair per package
Price   $10.00

The Truth's Thoughts:
Bring It Up is a must for any women desiring full, beautifully shaped breasts. Bring It Up products will not only increase your overall appearance, but they will increase your confidence and self esteem. I highly recommend these products!!
I received The Original Instant Breast Lifts, these are transparent, waterproof, and hypoallergenic. I found these incredibly easy to use. These are the perfect solution for an instant lift and great for summer clothes. I found them to be strong enough to hold my heavy sagging breasts up all day long. They adhered nicely and stayed in the position in which they were applied. I am highly impressed with the results I received from my Instant Breast Lifts. Even though my breast are small, with the Instant Breast Lift, they looked fuller and my husband loved it.

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