Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Life My Soul My Kids

Guess I will start off by tell you a little bit about my boys. AJ is my oldest (--->) he is 4 years old and is 75% deaf. We found out he was deaf when he was only 2 years old. He has been wearing hearing aid every since. One of the biggest challenges I face with AJ is getting him in school. Schools tell me that they can't take him because they don't have resources to teach him. Yes, he is deaf but he can still talk, he might sound like a toddler when they first start to talk but he can still talk just as good as any kids. I understand him just find and so does most everyone that come around him. I just think the school systems these days are really messed up. From not being able to put him school to always having to take him to Vandy to get hearing test done every 3 - 6 months I am always very busy with him.

Now lets met Zackary but we call him Dalton (<---), he is only 3 and really big handful. He always has to have it his way or no way. When he was born he had two strokes and now have brain damage in two different spots of his brain. One spot is in the front left side of his brain and it is about golf ball size or it was when he was born, and the other is in the back on the right size up next to his brain code and it was quarter size when he was born. I have been trying to get them to redo his test to see if they are growing any but they still to this day have not done anything. They told him he would never walk and never do this and never do that, but I got news for them he is a very hyper 3 year old that runs all over the place. When it is all said and done the only problem I really think he has from all of this is a short term memory lost. So I am going to try again and get them to do all his test over again, so I will be sure to post the results from it.

I have told you a little bit about what is on my plate in this lovely show I call my life. Please look for updates on both AJ and Dalton to come.


  1. Keep on those doctors and schools. You are your boys greatest supporter and cheerleader and pushing for them will have great rewards in the end. Good luck to you and enjoy those little guys before they are all grown up
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    be well -

  2. You've got some handsome young men there!! Never give up on getting him in school. The school system is required to provide him with an education. Don't let them push you around!

    Thank you so much for linking up with the voiceBoks Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop!

    Spilled Milkshake

  3. Thank you both for following me and I will keep on top of them school if it is the last thing that i do.