Friday, May 11, 2012

Review & Giveaway: HoodiePet

It’s fun, it’s cool, and it’s a “hybrid.” It’s a hoodie and it’s a    cuddly friend. HoodiePet…It’s On™! HoodiePet™ is both a snuggly    fleece hoodie and a plush toy that attaches with Velcro to the front    pocket of the hoodie. HoodiePet™ is not just an item of clothing but    also is a plush imaginative toy that encourages creative play, while    offering warmth and comfort. HoodiePet™ encourages imagination and    expression and allows your child to carry his favorite toy HoodiePet    Friend™ with him everywhere! When your child is done playing, he    simply sticks his HoodiePet Friend™ right back on his cuddly fleece!    No more lost toys! No more boring car rides! HoodiePet Friends™ are    collectable and interchangeable…great for trading too! Each friend    has its own personality and story, just like your child!
    The HoodiePet™ website is the perfect place for your children to    lose themselves in imagination and creativity. The easy-to-navigate    site has a place for your child to name their HoodiePet™, print out    adoption certificates and coloring pages for each pet, and learn fun    facts about each animal on HoodiePet Island™! At HoodiePet™ we    believe in listening and learning from your children and we like to    keep things positive. Our HoodiePet Friends™ are excited to meet    your child and share a bit about what they each contribute to make    HoodiePet Island™ a very special place! Life with a HoodiePet™ is a    cool, cuddly, creative adventure!

The Truth's Thoughts:
My little boy is obsessed with his HoodiePet since it arrived in the mail. He wants to wear it even tho it is warm out side. He wears it around the house and tells me he is a monkey.
HoodiePet is a snuggly fleece hoodie with a plush cuddly toy that attaches with velcro to the front pocket of the hoodie. With six solid colors to choose from – plus two new patterns in Zebra blue and Cheetach pink – my little boy picked the blue hoodie.  Let me tell you it is so soft and warm!
There are 11 different HoodiePet Friends to choose from.  He got ‘Screamie the Ape’.
The best part is that the HoodiePet friends are collectable and interchangeable, making them great for trading too, which I know my oldest will do with his little brother once my youngest gets his. I am going to get him a different one when I get the chance. Each friend has its own personality and story, making it not just an item of clothing, but an imaginative toy encouraging play. You can even get online with your child to learn more about the planet’s animal kingdom.There is games and everything for them to do to keep them glued to the computer for hours.
I also really like the little thumb holes in the arms of the hoodie because I know when I was a kid, I was always cutting hole in the arms of my long sleeves for my thumbs. My 5 year old is the same way, so this was perfect because they already done it for me.  I love that this is a toy that is not getting lost.

Sizes are geared for boys and girls, ages 1 to 10 years old.  I should mention that while my 6 and a half year old was in love with the HoodiePet at home, he wasn’t so sure about wearing it to Kindergarten and declined which surprised me.  My nearly five year old twins however, were all over this… and still are.  They love taking turns wearing it to Pre-K and I am debating on buying another hoodie and a few more pets so they don’t have to share the one anymore.

Check out HoodiePet today!  Follow up with Hoodie Pet on their website or on Facebook.

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  1. I want the largest size with a zebra on dark blue!