Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review: Alphabitsy

A little bit about Aplhabitsy taken from their website:

I've been helping my mother at craft shows since I was three years old. (Maybe "helping" wasn't the operative word back then.)  I started selling jewelry on her table as soon as I was old enough to string a few beads together.
About fifteen years ago, my aunt mentioned that she used to do a brisk business in name bracelets and necklaces when she owned a small store, and I should try it. Soon, I was selling dozens of pre-made bracelets at every show, and making custom bracelets for anyone who asked.
For the last few years, I've been selling name bracelets on eBay, Etsy, and at selected craft shows. Sitting on the ground with five boxes of beads open while I made custom bracelets was fun, but filling online orders is a lot less stress fun.

The Truth's Thoughts:
I think this bracelets are really cute and make a great gift for any little girl. My niece fell in love with her bracelets and wanted to wear them every where. Here are a few samples of some the the bracelets that you can get and you can put any name or saying you want on your bracelet. I will be sure to get some more of these for my other niece because she is only 3 and she would have a ball wearing bracelets like a big girl. She think she is grew and can do anything that her mommy does. So, I know she would love them. So if you have a little girl in your family and want to give them something special then take a trip over to Alphabitsy.

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