Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review & Giveaway: Winchell Mountain Coffee

A little bit about Winchell Mountain Coffee:

The phrase "Mommy Needs Coffee" is one that Winchell Mountain Coffee, an artisanal, family-owned coffee roaster based in New York State’s Catskill region, takes VERY seriously.  However, just because owners Will Rivkin and Allen Ricca take the art of coffee seriously, they didn't think their coffee needed to look so, well, SERIOUS!  Proving that their coffee LOOKS as good as it tastes, Winchell Mountain Coffee is pleased to introduce their exclusive Sandra Boynton Coffee Collection -- witty, playful and smile-inducing on the outside, caffeine-fueled bliss on the inside.  A beloved cartoonist and children's book author for well over 40 years, Sandra Boynton's wry humor and legendary characters are perfectly matched with 15 varieties of hand roasted coffees with names like "Expresso Overdrive," "Not a Morning Person,"  and "Bob's Diner." 
To celebrate cupid's favorite holiday, Winchell Mountain Coffee is sharing some caffeinated love with a limited edition Viennese roast "Valentine's Day:  An Affectionate Blend." A great gift idea for the coffee fanatic, "Valentine's Day" and the entire Sandra Boynton Collection is available in markets and cafes across the country and online at   

The Truth's Thoughts:
First let me give you a list and links to all the flavors that I got:
Are you a coffee lover? Have a special someone in your life who is a coffee lover? My husband and I LOVES it, and often drinks several cups a day. We get wake up to the smell of coffee every morning and it is the best smell to wake up too, I love it. Recently he got the chance to try a new collection of fun and tasty coffees from Winchell Mountain Coffee, a family-owned coffee roaster based in New York State’s Catskill region. At Winchell Mountain Coffee they take their coffee very seriously, and use carefully selected beans to create exclusive blends. They do this by roasting their coffee in the old old-world tradition, only utilizing heat and hands. Recently, Winchell Mountain teamed up with beloved cartoonist and children’s book author, Sandra Boynton, to create a not-so-serious look for their very serious coffee. And it makes coffee so much more fun in the morning. I love the pictures on the front of the bag just as much as I do the coffee. I am sure to buy some more of this coffee for not just me but for family members that drink coffee just as much or more then I do.

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