Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Review: Cookie Dough Bites Factory

Check out this new game on Itunes fro your Ipods, Ipads, & Iphone. Oh, and check this out you can now get on your Android and it is completely free to download. Head on over to your Itunes store now and check out this game. If you love the Cookie Dough Bites you will love being able to make one of your favorite candies. The game starts off and you have three factories. The first two factories are already loaded but the thrid factory you will have to buy it. You can also buy different flavors to make in each factory. Factory one is complete made up of just Cookie Dough. Factory two is Cupcake Bites, and well you will just have to down load the game to found out the rest. This is game is a great game to just pick and play when your bored. But could also end up making you want to run to the store and buy some Cookie Dough Bites because I know that is what I wanted to do.
In this game you will get to make the dough, then coat the dough, and then pick out the bad bites from the good bites. The goal it to be able to make a 100 Cookie Dough Bites. So, go see if you can do and then leave me a comment and let me know how many you made the first time you played the game.
 Here are a few screen shot for you to get the feel of the game.

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