Thursday, March 22, 2012

EdenFantasys: Get yours with 30% off fun Calex toys!

 ****WARNING: This post have links that will take you to an adult site. If you are not 18 years or older please do not click on the links in this post.****

Calling all women! Calling all women! Head on over to EdenFantasys for all your bed room needs. Right you save 30% on any of the tasty toys that EdenFantasys has to offer from California Exotic. They have a toy that will fit any women's needs. There is 37 different toys that you will have to chose to from. Toy are not only for when you need some of that special one on one time for yourself, you can also use then as a couple to help spice up the love life in the bed room. If you are ever up just to try new things head over and check out all the great toys that California Exotic has in store for you over at EdenFantasys. Add a little spice to your love life during the fore play round, or just add some spice to your one on one time. No need to worry if you are a single lady, these toys are perfect for you. So, go on and treat yourself to an extra orgasm today, and wash all your blues away. You know want to make yourself happy today with one of the 37 different toys from California Exotic that you can get 30% off today.

Here is just a few of the toys you have to pick from:

Slimline passion wave jack rabbitrabbit vibrator

An orgasm a day keeps the blues away! Get yours with 30% off fun Calex toys!

Sale price: $62.99 In stock
List price: $89.99
You save: $27.00


Extreme butterfly frenzy bulletbullet

Sale price: $20.99 In stock
List price: $29.99
You save: $9.00



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