Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Review & Giveaway: DAWGS Footwear

A little bit about Dawgs taken from their website:
Quality Control is #1 with DAWGS

The DAWGS Brand maintains full-time personnel on all production lines to ensure our DAWGS products maintain the highest standards. Direct import programs are available to maximize your profit margin. The DAWGS Brand is capable of creating specialty brands and/or private label footwear and accessories for volume retailers.
Retailer Benefits of Partnership

» We drive innovation in the casual shoe market

» Competitive costs with reasonable SRP�s

» Great Retailer Margins

» Our footwear has mass market appeal

» One-stop Shopping for Retailers » DAWGS reach every type of consumer » baby, toddler, kids, teen, men, women

» USA DAWGS is capable of creating specialty brands and/or private label for volume retailers

» Direct to Store Delivery for small to mid-sized chains

» Superior Quality Control.

The Truth's Thoughts:
I really love, love, love my boots that I got from DAWGS. They are super comfortable and very stylish. They fit me very good and go with everything I wear. I don't think a day has went by that I have not put my boots on just to fell how soft they are. The inside of the boots are very soft and keep your feet and how every much of your leg they cover, you are very warm. I am so happy I got the chance to review this product. It has made my year I think and it is the best product I have done this far. If you like to wear foot wear that is very comfortable head on over to DAWGS and check out what they have to offer you. I am sure you will found something that you love on their website.
Slip Resistant

Rubber outsole
Cow suede upper
Shearling covered insole
Shearling lining
Durable design
Extreme weather comfort
Individually boxed with carry handle

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