Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Review & Giveaway: Kerusso Christian Shirts

A little about Kerusso taken from their website:

Kerusso History  

CEO/President Vic Kennett founded Kerusso in 1987. Over the past 24 years Kerusso has become the premier producer of Christian-themed apparel. In 1998 Kerusso began introducing other products such as: jewelry, gifts and accessories. Today the Kerusso campus occupies 10 acres which is home to over 65,000 square feet of manufacturing, and office space.Kerusso is one of the top employers in Berryville, AR providing jobs to over 100 people. And Kerusso continues to stay true to their mission of preaching the Good News of Jesus Christ literally around the world.Read the entire Kerusso story - "Man of the Cloth" - as featured in Inspirational Gift Trends.

Kerusso Mission
Proclaiming the Good News to the world through products about Jesus. 

T-Shirt Evangelism


A t-shirt might seem an unlikely evangelistic tool, but a survey commissioned by Kerusso, the No. 1 provider of Christian-themed apparel and gifts, shows the power of simple message well worn. The Christian Apparel Faith & Motivational Research Report, a 2009 survey, shows that.
  • More than half - 56.8 percent - of survey respondents who wore faith apparel report that at least one person with no personal faith in Christ asked about the garment’s message.
  • Almost half - 44.4 percent - said that while wearing a Christian-themed t-shirt, they had shared their faith.
  • Of nonbelievers who entered a conversation based on a shirt’s message, 7.4 percent made a decision for Christ.
  • Fully 98 percent of survey respondents said they hoped the messaged apparel would grab the attention of someone without a similar faith.
 The Truth's Thoughts:

I have searched a long time to find christian clothes that are affordable and don't look incredibly silly. Sometimes you find a christian shirt that looks like it should be more for kids, I mean it was good with I was teen because I thought it was cute but not now as a adult. I have wanted to find great adult christian shirts for a long time for myself and  Kerusso has just that. I received the beautiful shirts as I have put below in the pictures. As you can see there is nothing childish about either one of these shirts. They are both very comfortable and so beautiful! All the clothes from Kerusso are so beautiful and well made. I wear my shirts all the time because they are very comfortable and fit me very well. Because for me it is also hard to found shirts that fit because I am a big girl. Kerusso had my shirts and I was very grateful for that. Check Kerusso out- they are amazing with christian clothes and even more amazing with their prices!

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  2. Great post Cynthia. I also believe Christian shirts can make effective witnessing tools. It's such an easy way to communicate Jesus to people that may otherwise avoid it. They are perfect for sharing bible verses and/or messages in a way that can be received by non-believers that would not take a verbal message.

    When I recently started to get interested in wearing Christian shirts, I looked around the internet a lot and realized 2 things. 1.) A lot of the same shirt designs were found on all the websites and 2.) When a website had some different shirts that I had not seen before they seemed to be designed for kids (like you mentioned).

    I have started designing my own Christian shirts to fill a need. The intention is to create unique shirts so that I can grow the pool of people that wear Christian shirts. I would love to hear what you have to say about them.

    You can see them here: http://www.toolsforchrist.com