Friday, January 6, 2012

Review: Learning Fun With Felt

A little about Fun with Felt taking from the website:
For over 30 years Betty Lukens, Inc. has been manufacturing quality felt visuals.

Best known for our Through the Bible Felt Sets, which continue to be shipped and used all around the world, is a valuable teaching resource. With over 600 figures and objects, this is the most complete Bible felt set available. Our focus is on providing an interactive teaching tool that helps parents, grandparents, teachers and missionaries bring the Bible to life. Bright and colorful Bible stories in felt are eye catching and appealing to captivate an audience. The Bible story manual with over 180 stories is a wonderful guide and teaching resource. The Through the Bible in Felt manual covers both the Old and New Testament which allows for a strong foundation in Biblical teachings and principles.

Our Learning Fun with Felt line includes over 30 sets to inspire children's creativity. With the moveable pieces and personal-sized play boards, they can engage in imaginative play by arranging and rearranging the pre-cut felt pieces over and over again. Each time they create new and exciting stories as they experience the fun and magic of felt and leaves a lasting impression.  Read More..

The Truth's Thoughts:
With have two boy that are disabled and are both slow in some area of development, me and my husband have to work with them at home right now since they are not old enough to go to school just yet. One fabulous thing we’ve added to the boys lessons are Betty Lukens Learning Fun With Felt boards and play mats.  Although I highly recommend them for home-schooling, they are not just for that purpose. I can use the board and all the little object that go on the board as naming tools. I get my oldest son who is deaf to tell me what each object is before he is allowed to put it up on the board. He seems to really like all the neat games we play with his board. The learning board that he was giving is Learning Your ABC. You have different animals put words that can be put on the board and he can say each and everyone of the objects. He can almost tell me all the words just by looking at them.

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