Thursday, January 26, 2012

Review: Miss Oops ~ Boob Tubes~

A little about Miss Oops taken from their site:
It all began when Jennifer Higgins, President of Miss Oops, was getting dressed for a friend’s wedding. She disappeared into her closet, slipped into her little, black, cocktail dress and glided in front of the dressing mirror, feeling like a princess. Beaming from ear to ear, Jennifer looked into the mirror and saw a huge, hideous deodorant stain staring back at her. To her avail, Jennifer remembered a trick she had learned long ago. She found a fabric friendly sponge and briskly wiped the stain away. Jennifer was filled with relief but she knew that women everywhere were undergoing this same dilemma and must be rescued. Thus, the “Rescue Sponge” was born to erase those embarrassing deodorant stains that hold you captive to a restricted wardrobe.

At Miss Oops, we have developed affordable, must-have beauty products and accessories to alleviate your everyday blunders. If you are searching for an anti-aging facial cream that protects and enhances firmness in skin, try “Headshot.” Perhaps your prince charming loves those locks and lashes, try our new line of Beauty Oops Products. From cleavage covers to silicone breast enhancers, we’ve got your fashion oops covered, either way! The Miss Oops’ brand formulates lifesaving tools for every woman’s handbag, regardless of age.

The mission of Miss Oops is to provide affordable solution-oriented products for all types of beauty dilemmas and avoidable fashion faux pas for women everywhere, including you!

The Truth's Thoughts:
This is the best under garment yet. Allows you to wear lower cut tops with coverage.....but doesn't add the full second layer of a camisole. This product is great if you want to cover up, especially for top-heavier ladies, but don't have to wear an extra layer like a tank top etc... I love that it's cotton and that there's an elastic band that helps it stay in place. It's wide enough to cover you up enough. I have one in black and one in white. I love having them because I have always been the type of person that don't like love cut tops but I have like 3 of them. Now I have a reason to wear them because I don't feel like everyone is looking at me thinking "Are you for real she is wearing that at her size". I am a lot more comfortable with how I dress now. They have made it a lot easier on me to buy close now.

Buy one today for $19.00


  1. I have never heard of this but I like the idea of a boob tube. I have low cut shirts that I am self conscious about, thus I don't wear them. I think these would be perfect.

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