Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review & Giveaway: Green Ostrich - Envitote

 Some facts about Green Ostrich taken from their website:
A woman-owned business founded in 2009 based just outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Green Ostrich™ started with the following observation: the energy-intensive retail stores that we frequent do not offer many Earth-friendly, green products. That, and we were spending a lot of time and energy driving in our car to and from these stores.
So, we decided to create an online store dedicated to Earth-friendly, green gifts and green toys to spark a consumer movement that requires environmentally-sound solutions for our lives. We help people make changes, not sacrifices. We help them live well and refresh the Earth.
The power to make change rests with the individual consumer. They have to lead the way; they always do. When consumers decide to make the Earth a priority, the priorities of businesses and governments will shift.
To save the Earth, we have to refresh the resources we borrow. Using Earth-friendly products in our daily lives helps. Learn to recognize them. Demand them. Buy them . . . if not from us, from someone else. Doing that consistently will move markets and governments, and the Earth will rebound from its concerning negative trends.

The Truth's Thoughts:
I got the Envitote so I will give you a little information about the Envitote.
Make a Choice: For years, people have used plastic bags to carry their purchases when they go to the store. Recently, some have switched to thin reusable bags to reduce their plastic usage, but they sacrifice function as groceries or household goods are often crushed. The Envitote provides a better solution. 100% cotton canvas, this reusable grocery tote provides lots of room for purchases. It has three removable wall stiffeners - two on the side and one on its base - to add all the support necessary to avoid an accidental smash. Washable and collapsible, it has an adjustable strap and side handles. Owners carry the Envitote every time they leave the house.
Color: Ivory and Light Green
Size: 14 x 9 x 9.5 inches (35.6 x 22.9 x 24.1 cm)
Description: Lead free solution for your groceries! Heavy duty, washable, collapsible, 100% cotton canvas reusable bag for groceries and household goods

This bag comes in really  handle when you don't what to fight with all the bags from the store. When I just have to run to the store for a few items, I grab my bag and head out. It is so much easier because speaking for myself I have a over load of store bags under my kitchen sink and don't need to add to the problem. So I love to use my Envitote when ever I can.


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