Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Review & Giveaway: TheraPearl

Taken from TheraPearl's website:

Therapy based on the Beauty of Nature

TheraPearl® hot & cold therapy packs are doctor designed to provide extraordinary relief
from everyday aches and pains including inflammation, bruising, joint/muscle soreness and
so much more! Pearls conform to the body while holding their healing temperatures for the
doctor-recommended time (15-20 minutes) for optimal theraputic benefit. Freeze or
microwave. Non-toxic and reusable. Latex, lead and BPA-free.

The Truth's Thought:
This pack has really come in handy for the simple fact that my husband has an old football injury from back in high school that bugs him all the time. He uses the TheraPearl therapy pack every time he starts to hurt. He has only used it as cold so far. The thing I think is really cool about this pack it the fact it looks like a bag of frozen peas. Well, this is what the person who come up with the idea of this pack was thinking when he made TheraPearl. When you were little, did you mom or dad take out a bag of frozen peas to put on your injury. I can remember when I was like 8 and I broke my arm at school. The nurse went to the kitchen and got frozen peas to put on my arm. Every time I use this pack I will always think about to the days with my grandmother and how she used frozen peas every time I got an injury.

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