Thursday, November 10, 2011

Review & Giveaway: TeeWit Fry Junkie Hoodie

Taken from TeeWit webiste: Your source for the funniest baby clothes- one pieces and baby / toddler t-shirts, maternity t-shirts, and great gifts for moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.
As seen on ABC soap opera, All My Children, and in the January '09 edition of Parents magazine.
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Specializing in funny baby one pieces, bodysuits, and bibs,
funny baby and toddler t-shirts,
and funny maternity t-shirts. Celebrate babies, children, moms, dads, aunts, uncles,
and grandparents with witty and fun slogans and sayings that are sure to please.
Shop for the holidays and for baby showers gifts. Find Baby's First Holiday One Pieces and Snapsuits
for every holiday and season, as well as Halloween t-shirts and gifts,
T-Shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Thanksgiving Bodysuits and Bibs, Christmas Gifts,
Valentine's Day Onepieces and T-Shirts, St. Patrick's Day T-shirts, Easter Bibs and Onepieces,
Independence Day (July 4th) Patriotic Baby T-Shirts, Mother's Day Gifts and T-Shirts, Father's Day T-Shirts and Gifts for Dad,
Gifts and T-Shirts for Grandparents, and T-Shirts and Gifts for Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, and Nephews.
Find the perfect Baby Shower Gift for new babies and siblings.  
The Truth's Thoughts:
I got the Fry Junkie hoodie for my 4 year old son and as soon as he seen it he was happy as could be. He wanted to put it on right away and when I went to take it off he got mad at me. I had to let him wear when we went out today no ans ifs or buts about it. I can truly say that TeeWit found a big fan in my four year old son. The hoodie fit him just right and looked really good on him as you can see in the photo of took of him wearing the hoodie. My youngest keep asking me " Mommy where is mine?" So, now I am going to have to order him for Christmas or get his daddy to. Over all I think TeeWit is a great place to get clothes for children, mommy, daddy, and grandparents. Great for baby showers, birthdays, and much more. If you have some on your gift list and you don't have no idea what you want to get them just head over TeeWit and surf their site I am sure you will found something to your liking or to the person you are buying for. This site is great for all ages to please head on over and check them out. I will give you a few more previews of their products.

Funny Maternity T-Shirts                                                    

It's a Girl (multicolor) It's a Boy (multicolor) 

Gifts for Mothers

Number One Mom Mommy's the Name!   

Stepmother Gifts

What Happens at StepMom's... Don't Make Me Call My StepMom!

 Godmother Gifts

 Just Ask GodMom Instead!No Rules at GodMom's House  

For the rest of their products check out the website.


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