Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Review: Oliver Kita Fine Chocolate

Taken from Oliver Kita's website:
Oliver Kita’s chocolatiers proudly offer the finest organic chocolates and other fine delectable creations in the Hudson Valley area. Cooking and baking with the perfumes and flavors of flowers, herbs, citrus, exotic fruits, berries, nuts, and spices over the last 20 years, Oliver Kita now extends fine chocolates to chocolate lovers around the globe with our online chocolate shop. We present to you Oliver Kita’s line of artisan fine chocolates, which are of a remarkable quality using superlative French organic and Swiss sources complemented by traditional French methods and the finest ingredients. Heavy satin cream, award-winning sweet butter, the finest fruits, low sugar, and carefully selected and roasted nuts are all in artfully hand-crafted designs. Whether you are in need of a corporate chocolate gift or you are searching for the finest vegan organic chocolate bar, Oliver Kita chocolatiers have the perfect creations.
The Truth

The 16-piece box of chocolates from Oliver Kita studio collection was great. They all had different type of texture and a truffle like center filling. I just loved all the colors that used on the candies it made them very eye popping.Want to taste the true flavor of the chocolate its best to have them at room temperature.If your not ready to eat them you can freeze them up to 3months, wrapped tightly in a zip lock bag. 
 The Different types of collections:                                                                              
  • Studio
  • Inspiring
  • rejuvenating
  • satisfying
  • soothing
  • comforting
  • fashion
  • spiritual

  • The work for each holiday:
    -New Years
    -Valentines Day
    -Mothers Day

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