Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review & Giveaway: VaVaVroom Online

Some facts about VaVaVroom from the VaVaVroom website:
Raise your hand: Do you have VaVaVroom? You do if you're sophisticated, fun seeking, mischievous, adventurous, confident, independent, energetic, unique and comfortable in your own skin. You have VaVaVroom if you appreciate clothing that fits a woman's body – clean, stylish and simple. Whether you’re a lawyer, a cocktail server or a secretary, we all have this in common: We don’t observe life. We ride it. Fast. No excuses.
As the owner of VaVaVroom, I design for you because I am you. A professional from nine-to-five, I'm on my bike every spare moment, wearing clothing I’ve dreamed about making after too many years of paying good money for ill-fitting, trashy, tasteless separates. Since launching VaVaVroom, we’ve welcomed a Pandora’s Box of reaction from riders across the land who had grown weary of cheap-looking duds that ruined their riding experience. VaVaVroom is devoted to changing that dynamic. We cater to female motorcycling enthusiasts who crave the best-designed, best-made and most fashionable cycling clothing on the planet - the woman who doesn’t let social pressure influence her decisions about what to wear and how to live.
Modeled on your spirit, you’ll discover fashionable, practical riding gear on this site that goes from seat to social event. Our wide range of clothing sizes and styles won’t leave you in the dust, so ride with us! Whether you long for a fun t-shirt, jacket or hoodie, you’ll find it here or on our drawing board. That’s our promise.
VaVaVroom - Riding.  Fashion.  Fun.

The Truth's Thoughts:

I love my shirt I got from VaVaVroom online. The shirt is very comfortable and fits me really good. The shirt was a lite pink that said "Talk Dirty To Me" writing in what looks to be mud with tire tracks going through the mud. The mud is brown and feel like a velvet type fabric and where the letters are cut out of the mud are the same pink color of the shirt. It is a baby doll tee, and I have never been able to wear them because I am a big girl but this shirt fit me really good. I would love to be able to try more product from this company, so I see myself buying products from them for gifts and everything in the middle.

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