Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Review: It's-Me.TV

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About Us
- PICME Characters, distributor of personalized and branded video products, has partnered with Jammedia/Hit Entertainment to offer the first-ever personalized DVD featuring characters from the preschool hit PICME!.
Through the use of patented technology, parents, grandparents and friends alike will be able to have their little star alongside animal friends Juno, Gerty, Banjo, Umi, Clarence and Neville in twelve episodes of five minutes. Find out more about these characters here. is a brand new player in child’s personalized videos. The vision has always been to put children into their favorite shows making the child the star of the show. is a children’s brand dedicated to putting smiles on children’s faces.
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The Truth's Thoughts:
I really love the idea of putting you kids in the video. When I son seen that it was him in the video with the animals he thought it was the best thing. He was getting everyone in my house to come and look at my computer. Now he comes up to me everyday and say "Mommy, can I watch me". I think it is so cute. I love it when a company comes up with day to get the child involved in things like does. Not only did I get 12 videos with my son as the star but I got a PDF of the storyline of all 12 videos and some coloring pages as you can see below. If you want your son or daughter to be amazed that they are on TV then go and check out and watch the smile grow.

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