Sunday, November 20, 2011

Review: Green Babies

Some facts about Green Babies taken from the Green Babies website:

Our Mission

Green Babies, Inc. is a New York state corporation founded in 1994, to develop, manufacture and market environmentally friendly products and to provide consumers with natural choices that are sustainable, have a minimal environmental footprint and are made with fair wage labor.


Green Babies est. 1994

THE GREEN DREAM in the beginning

Children bring all kinds of wonderful gifts with them when they enter the world. When our first child, Layla, was born, she brought us a whole new perspective on everything; from our lack of foresight as to how many diapers we'd need to pack for an afternoon on the town, (at least eight), to the true nature of reality and our place in it, (haven't figured that one out yet!).
As part of finding my way with her, I left a career in the fashion industry where I was promoting products and ideas for women, and men, that I didn't want for my own daughter.
I started Green Babies with a simple idea:
That every baby is wonderful and deserves the best, most comfortable, cutest, most well constructed, softest, irritant-free clothes. (Without breaking Mom and Dad's budget!)

The Truth's Thoughts:
Green babies is a company that makes bath time very easy for our little bundles of joys. They made their products with babies in mind and I think that is a very wonderful thing. I know as a mom I was always looking for good products like shampoo, lotion, powder, etc. With green babies they have all that I have ever wanted for my kids. I have used the products I received  on my youngest son and it made his skin so soft and smooth. So I will tell all my friends that are moms and mommies-to-be that green babies is a great product for your child.

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